Short Term Storage

The Short Term Storage plan is ideal for University of Maryland students needing to store items for only part of the summer.

Four free boxes and tape.

We pick up your boxes in front of your dorm.

Your items are stored in safe, climate-controlled storage facility.

Retrieve your items from our on-campus UPS Store location with 48 hours notice.

How Short Term Storage Works

Pick up four free boxes and tape at The UPS Store

  • Pick up your boxes from The UPS Store beginning May 1.
  • Our large sturdy boxes (18″x18″x18″) provide enough space for most students.

Choose your own personal pick-up time

  • Pick up scheduling begins May 1st.
  • Schedule your pick-up anytime until May 11th.
  • Pick-ups scheduled every fifteen minutes for your convenience.

We pick up your boxes in front of your dorm

  • Our staff will meet you at the front of your dorm at your scheduled time. (Meet inside dorm lobby if raining.)

We label, inventory, and store your boxes

  • Your belongings will be stored in a safe, climate controlled storage facility.
You can obtain additional storage space by purchasing more boxes or using your own. The rate is $1.25/box per day for our standard 18″ cubed box.

Receiving/Picking Up Your Storage

Retrieve your items whenever you want.

  • Contact us 48 hours in advance to make arrangements to return your belongings. Hours of storage return are Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:00.
  • Pick up your storage for free at our on-campus store, or have us deliver it to you off campus. (See off-campus delivery info below).

Off Campus Delivery

  • Off-campus delivery is available for students living within a 4-mile range from the main campus – for FREE.
  • Arrangements for delivery must be made 48 hours in advance. We provide a three hour delivery window — don’t worry, we are very punctual.
Pick up your storage at our store. Or we can deliver it to your off-campus location, within a 4-mile range, for FREE.

Short Term Storage FAQs

No Risk Reservation!
Receive a 100% refund if you need to cancel your reservation for any reason!